17 Jul

Nat Hills

For all the ladies that are considering trying MMA or BJJ here is even more of a reason to give it a go. International Fighter and TeamHulk trainer Nat Gonzalez Hills will be now be taking our 5.30pm MMA and 6.30 BJJ classes every Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you on the mats and remember we currently have a limited number of FREE 7 day trial passes available. #NoExcuses

28 Jun


Boxing – is there a better way to get fit while learning an amazing set of skills?  We have boxing classes everyday so come in and give it a go. Our classes are suitable for all fitness and skill levels.

20 Jun


All clean and ready for our amazing Hulk family.

15 Jun

Women’s Only HulkFit Cross Training

Women’s Only HulkFit Cross Training – bring your kids. If you want to get fit in a small group training and supportive environment our women’s only classes are for you. They are held inside in our state of the art training facility Monday to Friday at 9.30am. Memberships are only $19.95pw or less than $4 per day. How cheap is that??

1 Jun

One Stop Family Fitness

It doesn’t matter what your families fitness goals are we have you covered at Hulk. If you want to do:

kids classes  – Tick (4 per week)

teens classes – Tick (4 per week)

women only classes – Tick (5 per week)

group fitness or martial arts classes – Tick (50+ per week)

Weights – Tick (full free weights section)

During school hours classes – Tick (10 per week)

Personal Training – Tick (we have fully qualified personal trainers available to assist and motivate you to achieve your goals)

We currently have a limited number of FREE 7 day trial passes available for you and your family so that you can try out first hand our state of the art facilities and classes. Call now. #NoExcuses #FamiliesWhoTrainTogetherStayTogether

22 May

New Winter Timetable

Hi All – please check out our new timetable which comes into effect on Monday the 20th of June 2016.

5 May


While some people seem to enjoy firing up the treadmill and running without moving for hours collectively, many don’t. Whether you’re in the former or latter group, you’re bound to absolutely love the kickboxing classes we have available at Hulk MMA and Fitness. We take pride in providing our members with Kick Boxing or Muay Thai classes, where you will learn the art of kicking and punching correctly as well as being able to perform knee and elbow strikes. Sound exciting? Well it is! If you’re in Newport, Mona Vale, Warriewood or anywhere on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, come in and check out our gym.

This style of training will not only teach you very effective techniques for street defence but will also shred layers of fat and bring your current levels of fitness to an entirely new level. The great thing about losing weight through Muay Thai or kickboxing is that the exercise allows your body to release endorphins, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Simultaneously, the knowledge that you’re able to defend yourself should the worst happen increases self-esteem and confidence. There are very few alternative ways to get the heart pumping and the sweat drippin, which is why our Muay Thai and kickboxing classes are the most popular for both our male and female members.

2 May

Personal Training is now Available at Hulk

Team Hulk has its very own personal trainer – Luke Long. Ladies and Gents if you want to take your body to a whole new level talk to Luke at Hulk MMA & Fitness

1 May

‘Rise’ Registrations are now Closed

‘Rise’ registrations are now closed for 2016. Thanks to all who have registered and we will be in contact with you in the next few days. The interest and support has been amazing – thankyou.
If you have missed out but still want to participate you can go on our ‘stand by’ list by emailing your interest to


30 Apr

Michael Nichols

Another great win tonight for the Team Hulk family. Well done to Michael as he takes his undefeated boxing record to 3-0.  Big shout out to Stefano and the rest of the Team Hulk trainers as well as all Michael’s training partners for getting him ready for this fight.

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