4 Apr

Hulk MMA believes in empowering women

Behind every man is a better women and at Hulk MMA and Fitness, we strive to deliver a place where women can come and learn to defend themselves and get super fit at the same time.

Gyms can be an intimidating place for anyone, especially women, which is why Hulk MMA and Fitness offers ‘Women Only Classes’. It’s a place that ladies can come to and not have to worry about the 200kg monster watching you dead lift.

Under the watchful guidance of Hulk’s head trainer Troy, you’ll learn skills that could one day come in very valuable.
It’s a fantastic program and one we know has a strong and important relevance in todays community. Can’t wait to see you there!

16 Mar

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At Hulk MMA and Fitness, we firmly believe that educating people on the tactful art of harnessing their aggressions and empowering personal and physical development has profound, positive community benefits.

Hulk MMA and Fitness provides a safe place where individuals and families can come to learn skills and disciplines that they can directly apply into their respective communities.